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Build Your Own Zoo with a Colorful Assortment of 3D Printed Animals

Da-eun “Eunny” Jun, a maker from South Korea, has always been focused on 3D modeling and 3D printing. She specializes in creating flat animal models, which she displays as colorful zoos.

They’re pretty cute. Eunny says that she designs her animals this way because it’s a lot faster to print flat animals than fully realized 3D ones. “When I started 3D printing, the speed was too slow. I wanted to make the output go faster, so I designed the flat objects and connected them to each other. The animals were designed minimally, with straight lines capturing their characters. It is a very simple idea.”

Head over to Eunny’s Maker Share page for all the details on her 3D printed animal zoos, as well as the links to her files if you want to print your own.

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