We’ve covered a number of pre-teen, high school, and college students here on Weekend Watch, young people who are doing interesting and laudable makery and sci-tech education on video. Today, we present you with the students at the A3Academy channel. Here is how they describe who they are and what they do:

We are a group of high school students that make short, informative educational videos. Our videos on math, chemistry, biology, and physics are suited for a high schooler’s curriculum. We believe in “quantizing” information— the idea of making short videos on granular topics instead of long (and often boring) videos on entire subjects.

In our Tips of the Week column, we’ve talked about the Feynman Technique for learning, named after theoretical physicist, Richard Feynman. The idea is to learn things more thoroughly by attempting to teach what you are learning back to yourself, or to others. This way, you reinforce what you know and you can more clearly see what you still need to know.

Seeing these young people teaching science is a great example of a very intense version of Feynman learning. You know that, after doing all of the work of scripting, recording, and editing these videos, these kids likely know this material backwards and forwards.

Here are a few of the A3Academy’s videos: