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Watch an Extensive Tour of mHub Chicago

John Saunders of NYC CNC took a bit of a departure from his machining focused tutorials to do an extended length tour of MHub Chicago. This video is about an hour long, but surprisingly even with my incredibly short attention span, I sat through the whole thing and enjoyed it! MHub is impressive to say the least.

This facility is huge and very well equipped. From the tour:

Our 63,000 square-foot facility contains 10 fabrication labs, including electronics, plastic fabrication, metals, textiles and rapid prototyping, as well as a microfactory for small production runs.

As you can see in the video, this means everything from office space to metal working, wood working, CNC machining, PCB assembly, 3D printing, and more. There are some incredible things going on there! You can catch a sneak peak of some of the projects that Autodesk is still developing around 32 minutes into the video.


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