Loc-Line is an amazing technology. It is a modular, flexible hard plastic hosing system used in machining and other industrial and shop applications to deliver coolant and other liquids where it is needed. The sturdy, flexible, and very customizable system also means that it is used in many other applications. Years ago, at Maker Faire Austin, I did a workshop on using the Loc-Line system to create your own customizable helping hand tools for electronics work.

In this Tested “One Day Build,” Adam Savage shows how he used 3/4″ Loc-Line to create an LED workbench light for well-lit close-up work. The light basically consists of the Loc-Line, some armature wire inside for added rigidity, and a $34 LED video light which allows you to adjust brightness and color temperature. This is a really great feature to have when working on tiny objects, like painting miniatures. With this type of bright and adjustable light, and a infinitely repositionable arm, you have an extremely versatile work light.