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Development Boards Galore at Maker Faire Bay Area

Last week I shared a list of super fun electronics projects I was looking forward to seeing at this year’s Maker Faire Bay Area. Many of the projects you’ll find have some kind of development board or brain at their core. Something really fun about Maker Faire is that we often get early looks at these boards and systems as they’re released.

If you come to this year’s MFBA, you will get a chance to learn about and see these projects and many more.

Beagleboard Revolve

Announced at this year’s Midwest RepRap Fest, the Beagleboard Revolve is a full featured 3D printer controller built on the BeagleBone. This means it runs Linux, has video out, and a huge amount of potential. Read a bit more on Hackaday. They’ll be giving a talk about all the capabilities of the system at Maker Faire.

Ichigo Jam

Build your own gaming system using BASIC with the Ichigo Jam. Primarily marketed as a learning system for kids, this is a great entry point for learning to build games.


FPGA boards are incredibly powerful due to their ability to emulate other circuits. These systems put an FPGA on a very small board at a considerably decent price. Learn more at Tiny FPGA.


Adding intelligent camera capabilities to your project sounds pretty daunting. Open MV is here to ease that anxiety.


Connect to your car via Carloop and you can do all kinds of things. It plugs into the existing OBDII port on modern cars and uses a particle photon to allow you to pull data over the air. They have a bluetooth version too.


Talking to devices is becoming more and more commonplace. MOVI aims to allow you to use voice interfaces in your Arduino projects.

These are just the projects that I already know about and am excited to see. There’s usually a surprise or two as well. Be sure to get your tickets soon so you don’t miss out!

Maker Faire Bay Area 2018 is going to be held in San Mateo on May 18-20.


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