Earlier this year, our pal Alex, aka French Cooking Guy, imported a cheap pasta machine from China. He first had to make some fixes to it. And then, like any self-respecting gadget hacker, had to make upgrades. We can make it better. We have the technology.

Another amazing and funny YouTube maker, Tony of This Old Tony, is a fan of Alex’s channel. He took pity on Alex’s funky little machine. In the spirit of maker camaraderie (OK, and maybe a smidgen of oneupmanship), Tony deconstructed Alex’s machine and made significant improvements. His resulting machine is much better than the original and ever so lovely.


In typical This Old Tony fashion, the video is bizarre and laugh-out-loud funny, like when he puts together Alex’s old machine (which Alex had sent from France) and it magically turns into a Star Wars holo-projector with Alex in Princess Leia buns. Seriously guys, no one needs to see that!

As with all This Old Tony videos, this one educates far beyond the project at hand. You learn a lot about reverse engineering hardware, gears and gear reduction, milling, and much more. Tony is becoming one of my favorite YouTube educators. Always enlightening. And good, goofy fun.