In Ben Krasnow’s most recent episode of Applied Science, he talks about how he created a 3D print of his brain. He used the instructions found on this GitHub page. You obviously need a scan of your noodle. Ben used to work in the brain imaging field, so he had MRI scans to work with. If you’ve ever had an MRI, you can likely get those digital files from your doc.


In the video, he also talks about his new Form 2 resin printer and offers an excellent introduction to DSL printers. As always, he also shares some really great tips, like how to create a simple time-lapse trigger for taking pics of your prints and how to download and print the 3D STEP files for parts on the McMaster-Carr website and send them to your printer’s software. We’ve covered that wonderful tip here before. And that’s not all. Ben also touches on some other great techniques (like creating custom resin colors).