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Alex Arrives at the Ultimate Pasta Machine

If you follow Alex French Guy Cooking, you know that Alex has been on a quest to create the ultimate home pasta maker to feed his ramen noodle addiction. He started off by buying a cheap machine from China and then doing a series of mods to it to overcome some of the weaknesses and short-cuts in the original design and to make some desired additions.

Fellow YouTuber This Old Tony got in on the action by doing a full remake of Alex’s machine. The results were astounding.

Now, in this video, after having spent some time with Tony’s machine, Alex does a few more mods to take it to the ultimate level. It’s always so inspiring to see these spontaneous collaborations and project up-levelings between online makers. Following a series of videos like this, you really learn a lot about design and user-experience, reverse engineering, iterative development, project execution, and much more.

BTW: I will be doing a one-on-one interview with Alex at World Maker Faire next month. Check out the show schedule for details.


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