I just discovered this week that John Edgar Park has under 600 subscribers to his private channel on YouTube. Granted, most of his video and project work are over at Adafruit’s video channel and website, but there are still interesting tidbits here.

I don’t know about you, but any artist, maker, or creative that I admire and am inspired by, I like to have access to everything they care to share. I want to look over their shoulder, snoop through their bookshelves, their playlists, and their medicine cabinets. OK, that last one is creepy. The point is, I want to know about their thinking, their creative process, and what informs and influences them.

When I invest fully in someone like this, I consider myself a subscriber to their work. I am all in. I am a John Park subscriber. If you are too, check out his personal channel. A lot of it is short tests, demos, and idea sketches for various audio, video, and hardware projects that he’s working on. And videos of him hacking and upgrading the tools in his life. Here is a sampling:






You can see all of John’s videos that he does for Adafruit here. And check out his website for some of his older projects and to see his brilliant work on the Emmy-nominated Make: Television show.