People who know of actor and comedian Nick Offerman know that he’s a talented and passionate woodworker and maker. In this past season of his and Amy Poehler’s popular TV show, Making It, he and Amy did a fun segment of him trying to sniff-ID various species of wood while blindfolded.

It was this video that inspired Cristiana, of Get Hands Dirty, to launch her own “Smell that Wood” challenge.

After she does hers, she challenges another YouTuber, Johnny Brooke from Crafted Workshop, to SMELL THAT WOOD! Johnny answered the call.

Then the nosy arboreal challenge was passed along to Matt Cremona.

Matt then challenged Jay Bates. As far as I can tell, Jay has yet to snort a reply.

How are you with the olfactory identification of wood? Better bone up because someone may be shoving a strip of exotic hardwood under your honker at any moment.