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The Whimsical and Skilled “Perfect Storm” Of Uri Tuchman

You’ve probably heard the term “a perfect storm.” This is when several phenomena combine to create a storm that is more extreme than the typical weather events in the area. Uri Tuchman, a tool maker on YouTube has what I consider to be the perfect storm of whimsical and creative ideas, and skills to back them up.

His latest video is a wonderful example of this. Uri takes the concept of a “hand saw” and runs with the idea, creating a saw with a hand, suitable for shaking. The idea alone is cute and merits a little chortle, but Uri’s ability to sculpt a beautiful hand and create a gothic inspired saw blade really bring this whole thing together to transition from silly joke to impressive artwork.

Uri’s sense of humor can be clearly seen in projects such as his backwards scissors and hand cranked circular saw.

Not all of Uri’s videos are silly or jokes. He has several videos getting into the details of how to create the beautiful work he’s quickly becoming known for. He has also shared insightful tutorials on how to create the tools necessary, as well as his process for engraving.

Be sure to subscribe to Uri’s channel to keep up to date with his latest projects.


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