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The Yeti Smart Bench Is a Full-Sheet CNC Router That Assembles in 5 Minutes

While at Maker Faire Paris, I bumped into YETI tools. They have an interesting bit of digital fabrication equipment that I think many of our readers will have an interest in. They’re producing a CNC router capable of using a full sheet (4’x8′), yet is super light weight and portable. They’re marketing it at under $5,000, which is pretty impressive for a full-sheet-capable machine.

Here’s their promotional video:

This seems to be roughly the same market as people who are interested in the Shaper Origin, however the smart bench allows you to step away, or at least not be doing the heavy work during a cut. When not in use it can theoretically be stored in a fairly small space, and when run in the vertical configuration it doesn’t require a whole garage.


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