Today Formlabs has announced the arrival of the next in the line of their popular 3D Printers. The eagerly anticipated Form3 is the next iteration of their high precision tools.

The new printer is more than just a refinement of the Form2. They’ve revisited how the resin is activated by light, and are introducing a method they call “LFS Technology”.  As you can see in the video, this method employs some new approaches such as adding a flexible tank bottom in order to reduce peel forces.

They are also touting a new light path called linear illumination which bounces the laser using a parabolic mirror to get a more direct and perpendicular approach to the resin (as opposed to the light path coming directly from a small set of galvos), which they claim improves print quality and detail.

They designed their new LFS system to be modular and scalable. This is most easily evidenced in the Form3L, an absolutely massive resin based printer. They were able to produce this system by chaining two of the LFS system modules together.

This video describes the LFS system a bit better, showing the light path and demonstrating the low force benefits.

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