Next Thursday, May 21st, Public Invention will be hosting Vent-Con 2020, a virtual mini-convention focused on open source ventilators and the related learnings and developments that have transpired over the past few months with the Covid-19 pandemic.

The three hour online event provides an interesting program that looks at the ventilator community, its challenges, developing world matters, and much more. Make: is a co-host, with founder and president Dale Dougherty providing a closing address.

You can register for the conference on Eventbrite. It’s a free event.


Speakers include:

  • Dale Dougherty, Founder of Make: magazine
  • Karen M. Sandler, Executive Director of the Free Software Conservancy
  • Dr. Erich Schulz, Anesthetist (Anesthesiologist) and thought-leader
  • Tim Artz, leader of the Ventilator teams at HelpulEngineering
  • Karene Melloul of Kenya Emergency Network for Innovation (KENI)
  • Marcos Mendez of OpenVentilator (Brazil)
  • Marta Belcher, outside General Council of Protocol Labs
  • Jochai Ben-Avie, Head of International Public Policy, Mozilla Corporation
  • Deepti Sharma, Conference Organizer
  • Robert L. Read, PhD, Head Coach of Public Invention


  • Past, Present, and Future
  • Clinical Issues and making the right compromises from a physician’s view point
  • Contributing to the Modular Open Source Ventilator(s) – A Call to Action
  • Third Party Testing/Government Approvals
  • Demand Analysis and Production at Scale
  • The Pandemic in the Developing World
  • Appealing to Investors from an Investors point of view
  • Closing Address: Dale Dougherty’s Plan C and an Open Future
  • Closing and Resources available to you and next steps

Slack discussion for the show can be joined here.

See you next week.