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Editor’s Note: Billie was nice enough to work with us to create a custom version of her quick guide for volume 75 of Make: Magazine. You can download our version for free here, if you like this color scheme. Otherwise, enjoy Billie’s originals, the content should all be the same!

Download the prettier version by clicking the image above. The information is below as well, just not as pretty!

This infographic is part of a series of 3D printing poster guides that I have produced. You can access full-resolution copies of these guides for free so you can print your own; I also sell prints through RedBubble if you’d like to support me making more.


If you get stuck with a design, the 3DPrinters community on Discord which I help run, is happy to help you out. Or get into the holiday spirit and learn how to design in CAD and 3D print your own holiday ornaments on December 19th. Sign up HERE!

Happy Printing!