10 Beautiful Rings Crafted by Hand

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Rings are worn for many purposes, whether as simply decoration, to celebrate a marriage, a class graduation, or perhaps to decode the secret message on a cereal box. Buying a ring is certainly fine, but for something truly yours, why not make your own instead! Here are 10 DIY rings for inspiration.

Hex Bolt Ring


If you’d like to show your commitment to making, metalworking, or perhaps mechanical engineering, what better way than a ring made out of a hex bolt? The ring shown above was made out of a 16mm hex nut without using any power tools. You can see the process in this Imgur set, including an interesting clip of powdered steel on fire!

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Hex Ring with Power Tools

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The previous hex ring was inspired by this video. The author here has no problem using power tools, which I’m certainly in favor of if they’re available.

Handmade Gold Ring with Sapphire and Diamonds

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While the previous two builds used extremely cheap materials and inexpensive tools, this ring appears to be the most expensive one on this list. It was produced for a jewelry store in Italy, so I would venture to guess that this isn’t the first ring produced by this person. The results are extremely beautiful.

Wood Veneer Zelda Ring

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Here’s an interesting ring-making technique, where a strip of wood veneer is soaked and bent around a socket. This video shows how to make this type of ring, and adds the challenge of inserting a Triforce symbol onto one side.

From the Earth to a Ring

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This ring looks interesting enough, with a silver body, and gold as the “stone.” What makes it unique, however, is that its creator literally pulled the materials for it from the earth. The gold was panned, and the video goes over the silver extraction process in detail.

Quarter Ring

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If you’d like to make your own ring, a quarter made before 1965 makes a great base material. They’re 90 percent silver, and, as shown in this video, with a bit (quite a bit) of creative drilling, hammering, and filing, you can have your own ring for well under a dollar in materials!

Silver Spoon Ring

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If a silver spoon is more readily available than a silver quarter, this method appears to be similar, though perhaps more difficult. Unlike with a coin, you’ll need to start by forming it into a flat circle. Here’s a link to the second part of this ring build if you’d like to see it completed.

Wood Ring on a Drill Press

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Although the results of this method look really neat, what will likely stand out is the modified drill press used to make them. In this setup, a router is mounted underneath a drill press, allowing it to act in a similar manner to a lathe.

Glowing Carbon Fiber Ring

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Here’s a beautiful glowing ring made out of carbon fiber, copper, glowing powder, and crushed amethyst. The results, seen around 5:20, are really stunning. Note that caution should be observed when working with carbon fiber, as the dust isn’t good for your lungs.

Wire Ring


If the rings on this list inspired you to make your own, but perhaps seem a bit too involved, a wire ring could be a good option. Check out this Instructables project to see how you can make one!

[via  Instructables]

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