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We’re just a hop, skip, and a jump away from the holidays, and this year, I’m determined to actually wrap all of my gifts. I’ll admit it… there have been times when I just drop the present into a lame gift bag and call it done. But I always wish I had really wrapped it. Because the process of unwrapping a gift is delightful, and frankly, gift bags are not as fun to open! (Half the time you can see the present through the tissue paper…)

So get inspired to up your gift-wrapping skills from afterthought to art. Here are 14 gift wrapping ideas — from elegant toppers to efficient gift-wrap stations to unique box ideas — that’ll get your mind percolating with possibilities.

Scan vintage paint-by-number pictures to create your own unique and kitschy wrapping paper.
Make this fringed flower gift topper to accent a very special present. Striking and elegant.
Instead of ribbon, wrap your gift in yarn, and top with a matching tassel you made yourself!
Okay, I know I said that gift bags are a bit of a cop-out, but there is a time and a place for them. And this is really cool: make your own gift bag out of old newspapers!
As long as you’ve got the newspaper out, try this: newspaper wrapping paper with a rainbow-colored woven paper topper. This present looks so exciting!
Use stiff Japanese mizuhiki cord (made from starched rice paper) to make a gorgeous knot topper for your gift.
Save your old round cheese boxes and turn them into decorative holiday gift boxes!
Add a little bling to your gift tags this year by making gold leaf gift tags.
Confetti! All you need is colored paper and a hole punch to give your gift this happy, celebratory look.
It’s like two gifts in one when the topper is something that can be kept and reused. If you’re into needle felting, try topping a gift with a lovely felted flower. Afterwards, the gift recipient can turn it into a brooch or headband.
Whether you live in a mansion or a shoebox apartment, you’ve got to create a space to wrap: A flat surface with wrapping paper, ribbons, and tape at the ready. Pictured here is Craft bogger Lish’s drool-worthy deluxe gift wrapping station.
This paper pom-pom looks adorable sitting atop this small gift box.
The knot is the centerpiece of this gift wrap job. That, and the awesome anchor-stamped gift tag!
I saved my favorite for last! Simple and personalized, these are just brown paper-wrapped gifts with hand-drawn silver paint pen accents.
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