Brew Basics: Build a Wooden Beer Carrier

BYOB? Build a Wooden Beverage Carrier

Barbecue season is fast approaching, my friends. And as the mother of all BYOB events, it’s really only right that you approach the year’s first cookout with respect, reverence, and a fancy DIY wooden beer carrier! Today’s DIY project is going to make sure you are prepped and ready for your next beer adventure and […]

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3D Printed Sound Byte Magnet Frame Christmas Present

Christmas is almost upon us, so here’s a great way to create an (almost) entirely 3d printed Christmas present for other humans. What you’ll need: – Strong magnets. I’m using some rare earth magnets I bought from eBay. I’ve chosen 10x2mm cylindrical ones, but rectangular would do just fine, you’d just have to modify the […]

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