360-degree pannable video of stadium demolition from 50-yd line

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This is pretty amazing panoramic, full-motion (but unfortunately non-embeddable) video of the controlled demolition of Texas Stadium on the 11th of April shot from inside the stadium itself. [via Geekologie]

4 thoughts on “360-degree pannable video of stadium demolition from 50-yd line

  1. volkemon says:

    @ Sean-

    WOWOWOWOW! Thanks. I have a hobby of doing panoramic pics, never heard of or considered doing panovideo.

    It is neat how the exploding blasts are timed so nicely. Almost pleasant to listen to. Wish the sound was better, but I say that having never had to mic the inside of an exploding stadium…..

    As an aside…
    And look below..I just noticed the ‘Email on response’ box …Nice! (Visible while typing comment)

  2. Pelrun says:

    Pity the overhead beam took out the camera halfway through – it would have been nice to see the whole stadium go down.

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