5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Things About Jennie Walker

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Today’s 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, is a bit unique, in that it was submitted via email. Jennie Walker wrote out her answers and attached photos to the email. It’s brilliant, and is a great way for crafty non-bloggers to participate. I for one would like to thank Jennie for thinking outside the box. Luckily, though, Jennie does have a blog. It’s called alittle-vintage, and is filled with her unique creations. The personality in her dolls is beyond charming, and I can imagine that Jennie is too!
One project you are particularly proud of:
1. The Hottie Challenge – we had to design a hot water bottle cover to be exhibited in Melbourne and sold to raise funds for research into heart and lung transplants for the Margaret Pratt Foundation. I chose to do some free motion sewing and a bit of fabric paint. The result surprised me and I was so thrilled to be a part of the crafting community raising funds to save lives.
Two mistakes you’ve made in the past:
1. Second guessing what I’m doing – try not to analyse too much, if you have an idea – just go for it.
2. Listening to negative opinions of what I’m creating (my mother). You need positivity and encouragement along the way. Just because someone close to you doesn’t ‘get’ what you are doing – don’t let that stop you from creating what you were meant to create! (not going to Art School would be another – because of no encouragement)
Three things that make your work unique:
1. The faces I paint on the dolls. I think they are unique, in that they are mine. Not like any other doll faces I’ve seen (so far!)
2. There is alot of making it up as I go along. Things usually seem to work better and turn out better than I had hoped if I go with the flow.
3. Making the custom made dolls from peoples sentimental fabrics, make them quite different. There don’t seem to be many other toy makers around who will take your personal items, sentimental/special/important fabrics and trims – and turn them into something to treasure and hug every day.
Four tools you love to use:
1. Free motion foot on the sewing machine – I love to draw with the sewing machine!
2. Airaisable pen – to sketch out on the fabric what you’re going to sew.
3. Snipper scissors – so you don’t have to put your fingers into scissors every time to cut the thread.
4. Tiny paint brush – to get the eyes just right.
Five inspirations:
1. TV/Movies  – the characters, the make up, the hair styles, the different eras…
2. Internet – flickr, etsy, blogs – the encouragement, friendship and positive re enforcement you get from other bloggers is immense.
3. Colour – the main component in deciding how and what to put together. Colour is huge in what you are creating.
4. Children – their influence comes from another place – innocent and honest. My daughters have the freedom to create, that I didn’t have and I love it!
5. The fabric – anything with a history is perfection. It is wanting to be made into something and appreciated once again.

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