5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Things About Lish Dorset

Craft & Design

Lish Dorset is a gem. She is creative, talented and passionate, and that is just scratching the surface. With our new profile series, CRAFT is exploring the unique perspective of the amazing members of our community. We are starting with our very own staff, so that you can get to know who we are. Then, we will turn the tables and start asking about you!
One Project You Are Particularly Proud Of
1: Handmade Detroit! Can I get one more?! Maker Faire Detroit!
Two Mistakes You’ve Made in the Past
1: Working too quickly – I love to see a finished product, so I tend to rush things. When I started slowing down and taking my time, the results were great.
2: Not measuring – I’ve learned that I’m not the greatest at “eyeballing” measurements for projects, whether it be building OR sewing something!
Three Things That Make Your Work Unique
1: The not-quite-perfect look – My quilting teacher said she loves to see a hiccup here or there because it reminds her that someone, not a machine, made the item!
2: A love for vintage – I collect vintage textiles and household goods, so I try to think of modern interpretations for my own home.
3: Color – Just like my love of vintage, I try to work in color groups and focus on one per project.
Four Tools You Love to Use
1: My Hello Kitty Janome – I got it for my 26th birthday and it’s been quite the trooper! I travel with it and use it as my daily machine. The fact that it’s teal and Hello Kitty is on it is even better!
2: My Olfa Self-Healing Mat – This big mat is so perfect for cutting out sewing projects!
3: My Nikon Coolpix – Don’t forget to document your projects as you’re working on them! I never leave home without mine.
4: My X-Acto Rounded Punch – Adds such a nice touch on cards and paper projects. I used it all the time!
Five Inspirations
1: Home-Ec class – I think I took one of the last offerings of it in my school district in the early ’90s. Where else would I have learned to make strawberry shortcake?!
2: My grandma – My grandma was a great crafter and dabbled in all mediums. She taught me how to sew and knit clothes for my American Girl Dolls when I was young and I’m so thankful for that. I keep some of the patterns she used for me right next to my sewing machine as well as custom clothes labels she had made in the 1950s.
3: My mom – Just like my grandma, my mom’s incredibly creative. She always encouraged me to make art growing up and find ways to include it into daily life.
4: Martha Stewart – I know, I know.
5: Ephemera – I keep scraps of paper, cards, funny notes, pictures, etc., all over my craft room. Some have stories, some are just fun to look at.

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