A Street-Legal Castle

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A Street-Legal Castle


A “tiny house” is pretty much what is sounds like, and many could almost be described as a DIY RVs. Nearly all of this class of dwelling strive to make use of every inch of real estate available to them, but the “house truck” seen in the video below is a masterpiece of space usage.

Like many portable dwellings, this castle is entirely street-legal when folded into its traveling mode. When fully unpacked though, things become not-so-small anymore. Where you might expect an awning to fold out of the side, instead a fully enclosed room emerges, and the roof expands vertically revealing an amazing porch with an outdoor bath. It doesn’t hurt that they’ve positioned their castle on a beautiful overlook.


There is a brief segment early on about Jola and Justin building the castle truck. It must have been an incredible amount of work, and I enjoyed Justin’s sentiment that “I like engineering, I like art, when you can put them back together, it’s really good.” I couldn’t agree more.

Also, of interest in the construction segment were a few inexplicable shots of Jola suspended from the truck. What that’s all about is made quite clear later, and I highly recommend checking out this excellent video!

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