Alt.CES: I just want ONE remote control

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Alt.CES: I just want ONE remote control


altCES1.jpgSome day our grandchildren will look at photos of remote controls and laugh uproariously at how tacky, inefficient and impractical they are/were.

Seriously, why can’t anyone do remote controls right? Most remotes have dozens of buttons, most of which you never use. And you need several remotes just to do anything… one to turn on the TV, a cable remote, DVD, stereo, TiVo… And if you lose one of the remotes in a couch cushion, good luck trying to navigate menus with the buttons on the unit itself.

The closest I’ve found to a satisfying remote control experience is using my iPhone to interface with my AppleTV. It connects via wifi so I can start or stop music or movies anywhere in the house, and it uses the phone’s touchscreen to provide gestural navigation. Of course, if I want to turn on my TV I’ll need the TV remote for that.

Come on, personal electronics makers, get on the stick and make the remote control (as we know it) obsolete!

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