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Angel Chang does it again.
I had the pleasure of viewing Angel Chang’s new and very fresh collection for the upcoming fall 2007 season. Set on the top floor of a trendy Chelsea art building we viewed Angel’s works among a plethora of inflated spheres reminding me of the freedoms of youth. With a wearable yet romantic approach, Angel’s collection incorporates scented accessories and cuffs, while still showing us her devotion to integrating technology into fashion. iPod controllers are seamlessly blended into velveteen and relaxed jackets, showing us a freedom that integrates our everyday technological needs seamlessly into our desire for the latest in fashion.
What I like about Angel and what makes her work cohesive is the story behind her collections. This season her inspiration is the rise of technology which encouraged travel among the leisure and upper classes of the 19th century. In her statement she mentions nostalgia and advancements at the turn of the 19th century such as rail travel, luxury liners and grand hotels.
At the same time, the colors and patterns are inspired by the military influence of the communist era during the same time frame.
A favorite is the Pleated georgette reglan-sleeve dress with disappearing camouflage print. The print disappears with heat and body heat, so it looks different on anyone who wears it. The silhouette is cosmopolitan and comfortable while maintaining a youthful sex appeal.
Of the technology enhanced, the Arbequine velveteen Victorian jacket with iPod controls stands out. Its design is reminiscent of the past while at the same time the feminine velveteen encapsulates iPod controls on the upper arm, so we don’t forget this for women on the go in todays world. She can travel stylishly at ease with her music on her sleeve.
Scent, the most provocative way to memory of all the senses is revived in the scented fur accessories. The scents (collaborated with Joel Leonard a Copenhagen based perfumer) revive the lost art of scented furs. The aromas are inspired by vacation destinations of the past such as, the snow caps of St. Moritz, thermal springs of Vichy, the unforgettable Baden-Baden and beaches of Monte Carlo.
Angel writes “After spending a relaxing and rejuvenating vacation abroad, it seems all those euphoric feelings are quickly forgotten once one returns to the chaotic city…Fragrant fur belts, twisted fur cuffs and laser-cut fur purses allow the wearer to rediscover these long forgotten destinations through the power of scent.” Transporting us into the memories of a far off place once visited, and begs to ask the question to the wearer: What inspires you?
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