Animals and Plants Entwine in Mythical Sculptures

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Animals and Plants Entwine in Mythical Sculptures


Surrealistic sculptor Ellen Jewett combines art, science, and medical illustration into an imaginative fusion of natural forms. Inspired by wildlife, Ellen transforms the familiar aspects of plants and animals into unique hybrid creatures.  Realistic details flow from animal to plant.  Some pieces even include industrial elements in order to highlight the similarities and differences within nature and the realm of our modern industrial world.

Ellen explains her perspective and the underlying themes of her work on her website:

For myself, natural forms are a continual source of fascination and deep aesthetic pleasure. At first glance my work explores the more modern prosaic concept of nature: a source of serene nostalgia balanced with the more visceral experience of ‘wildness’ as remarkably alien and indifferent.  Upon closer inspection of each ‘creature’ the viewer may discover a frieze on which themes as familiar as domestication and as abrasive as domination fall into sharp relief.

You can see more of Jewett’s intriguing sculptures at her website.

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