Artist Rania Hassan and Her Knit Paintings

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Rania Hassan

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Rania Hassan’s recent series of paintings incorporate a new crafty element–knitting. The paintings are a series of two women connected together through time or space with their knitting. Rania will have some of these paintings at her booth at Crafty Bastards on Oct. 1 in DC. See all 10 of her latest paintings here and here.

From Rania:

I am fascinated by the connections we find in our everyday experiences: from the isolation of communities on the subway, to the solitary experience of introspection, to the feelings of deep communion. How do we think of our place in this world? How do we fit in it?

My work is about the levels of connectedness we feel. I paint, draw, and knit to represent moments of these feelings. We are all connected somehow. I started this series because of my fascination with knitting, and love for painting. I am also intrigued by the community I’ve found online with knitters from around the world. I think about how it links me to my mother, and her mother, and all the women who came before them.

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