Awesomely lifelike ‘sand creature’

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Awesomely lifelike  ‘sand creature’

From the MAKE Flickr photo pool

Bugmaker (aka Andrew Scott) lives up to his moniker sharing some more shots of his eerily lifelike sculpture. He sites “acrylic on PVC gel and aluminum” as his materials – no mention of which planet/dimensional rift/dreamscape the above “SandCreature” hails from. – SandCreature on Flickr



Bugmaker (photos)

4 thoughts on “Awesomely lifelike ‘sand creature’

  1. Craig says:

    Those are amazingly cool. He says he is using “PVC Gel” but I am having a tough time finding a source for that. Any ideas?

  2. Bugmaker says:

    PVC gel is polyvinyl chlorinate gel. This is the chemical description of all polymer clays, same as PVA gel is the generic term for slime. I’m using Super Sculpey.

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