Baba Yaga-Inspired Plushies

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Melissa of art = love = life created these charming softies, based on the Baba Yaga character from Russian folklore. In the stories, Baba Yaga is often portrayed as living in a house with chicken feet.

I made the first one for a friend who was having a bad day, but then I decided that I wanted to see a whole bunch of them together, like a little group of baby chicks flocking around – only instead of being cute like a group of yellow baby chicks, they’re more like a little nightmare flock

I was fascinated to read more about Baba Yaga, and love seeing Melissa’s take on the character and her crazy homes.

2 thoughts on “Baba Yaga-Inspired Plushies

  1. Anonymous says:

    These are just wonderful. Applause. Cheering. Sharp whistles.

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