Baby Lollipop Leg Woolies

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Vickie Howell has a free pattern on her site to make these baby lollipop leg woolies.
Vickie writes:

Knitted leg woolies are a great, Springtime alternative for baby to pair with rompers. A little extra warmth + still being able to see a little thigh chunk while kiddo is kick, kick, kicking= good stuff. They work for girl or boy (embroider trucks and lightening bolts, if trees aren’t your guy-gig), so whip up a pair to go with all of your favorite onsies!

2 thoughts on “Baby Lollipop Leg Woolies

  1. Jeanie says:

    Soooo cutie-cool! I love you comment about the kicking thigh chunkies, my daughter had skinny ones, we called her ‘Dairy Queen’ thighs. Those are the good days.

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