Banana-Chopping Corset Is the Ultimate Chastity Belt

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Banana-Chopping Corset Is the Ultimate Chastity Belt


If you think you make crazy creations, I believe you. If, however, you claim to have built more insane items than kinetic artist and inventor Ira Sherman, then we seriously need to feature you here! Sherman, a jeweler by trade, has been making kinetic art pieces since 1974 and has produced a plethora of off-the-wall masterpieces. Some of his pieces, though artistic, may be considered PG-13.

Though he can’t say what he considers his best piece — as he put it: “Time changes my appreciation of my own work.” — he did share a couple videos for projects of note. The first, shown below is called the “Cremesteric Reflex Corset.” If you search for the term “cremesteric reflex,” you’ll get an idea about the purpose of this corset. Though there is no nudity or gore in the video, as a male, I had a hard time watching it. It comes with a stand to display it when one is not wearing it — possibly to serve as a warning.

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Another interesting creation of his is called “The Chaperone.” Though less painful-looking than the previous video, this device (or, more accurately, pair of devices) seen at the 2012 Maker Faire San Francisco, involves slings that two people get into so that their aerial positions can be controlled by proximity sensors, apparently acting as chaperones.

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Also of note are such sculptures as his “Pavlovian Trainer,” which keeps the wearer from talking too much, and several grooming devices for removing body hair and even ticks. More information on those projects can be found here on his site.

Naturally, he also makes jewelry, architectural pieces, and unique art objects. For even more craziness, be sure to check out his portfolio page. If you’d rather see something in person, his work will be on display at the Foothills Art Center in Golden, Colorado, from January 23rd to March 26th, and will be featured at the Carbondale Fashion Extravaganza on March 11th and 12th.



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