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Barcode art

Who says barcodes have to be totally rectilinear and dull? These are actually in use on products in Japan.

Japanese Creative Barcodes

8 thoughts on “Barcode art

  1. MRKisThatKid says:

    My favourite barcode design is the one on the back of the compilation “Wap100: We Are Reasonable People”. It was sort of 3D with a skew in the middle, but just enough horizontal to be usable.

  2. Sarah says:

    Bonny Doon has a wine label (I think it is the Big House White) whose barcode gradually becomes a top hat held by a skinny hand.

  3. Becky Stern says:


  4. ubi de feo says:

    as cute as they might seem, they also happen to defeat the working process behind the barcode.

    each bar code has a dual error check system that works reading the code from both sides (left to right/right to left) and allows you to read it when it’s upside down too.

    assume that one of the codes might get scratched in a corner,
    if you rely on barcodes for inventory and billing, these cute ones should be shielded properly.

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