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Here are some of my favorite posts from the CRAFT blog this week:

  • Beard Cap – Link.
  • CD Jewel Case Bird House – Link.
  • Circuit Board Ornaments – Link.
  • Vinyl Toilet Decals – Link.
  • Homemade Swiffers – Link.

4 thoughts on “Best of CRAFT

  1. Dark`Wolf says:

    OMG! Someone NEEDS to make a Burger King cap like this.. It’s the FIRST thing I thought of when I saw it.. Crown and all, different colored yarns.. Woot!

    Someone make one! ;)

  2. blubrick says:

    Funny, the first thing I though of was this guy and his mate (Laurence Oates) saying
    “I am just going outside and may be some time.”

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