Bicycle guitar gives you instant rockstar status

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This bicycle turned giant guitar by a German maker won’t get you a spot in the local cover band, but it will get you noticed by the Guinness Book of World Records which will most likely give him the crown for the largest portable guitar. Pretty cool, although navigating heavy traffic with this vehicle doesn’t look like fun.

8 thoughts on “Bicycle guitar gives you instant rockstar status

  1. Spikenzie says:

    I guess he doesn’t have over-head utility wires in his neighborhood, cause that could make for a real “sparky” show.

  2. cornish bob says:

    if I’m not mistaken thats the devil dude who is regularly spotted supporting the Tour de France bike race

  3. Why says:

    Okay, so it CAN be done.

    The big question is…


  4. mzl says:

    Must be fun with side winds too

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