Bjork’s “Homogenic” in Tunisian Crochet

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Bjork’s “Homogenic” in Tunisian Crochet

We have a massive 4’X3′ poster of the cover of Bjork’s Homogenic album hanging in my husband’s home office. It’s a souvenir from one of the best live music events I’ve ever experienced in my life: a Bjork concert in a gorgeous old theater in Florence, Italy back in 1997. My kids are actually a little creeped out by the image, but we hope they’ll grow to appreciate it. Perhaps if I show them this rad tunisian crochet version from crochetbunnii. The piece is her “entry into the Roskilde Festival competition to recreate a Bjork album using non-digital techniques.” She has a great in-progress picture in her Flickr stream that shows the various balls of yarn laid out and being worked in to the piece. It’s a beautiful process! [via Knithacker]