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For those of you who are dabbling with the notion of starting your own craft or design business the new book, Creative, Inc. The Ultimate Guide to Running a Successful Freelance Business by Meg Mateo Ilasco and Joy Deangdeelert Cho is the book for you. These ladies know what they are doing and I’ve been following their illustrious careers in the craft and design world for many years now. Meg is the author of Craft Inc and the Craft Inc. Business Planner and also has her own line of paper goods. Joy has her own line of paper goods as well and also maintains the Oh Joy! design blog. Illustrators, photographers, graphic designers, web designers, animators, and stylists – anyone in the creative world will love the various profiles of people working in the field and all their tips. I especially love the chapter on “Getting Paid” which goes into detail on how to make sure that you aren’t giving away your talents for free. You’ll learn how to figure out exactly how much you are worth based on your monthly expenses as well as how to estimate and invoice a project. The book also covers how to work with clients, how to market and publicize your work, and how to avoid creative burnout. Having your own business is not an easy task, but with the lessons and tips in Creative, Inc. you’ll be better prepared as you make your path.
Book Giveaway Time!
Three lucky CRAFT readers will win a copy of Creative, Inc.. Just tell us why you would like this book in the comments. All comments will be closed by 5pm PST on Friday, September 3, 2010. The lucky winners will be chosen randomly and announced later on the site. Good luck!
This giveaway is now closed.
Thanks for stopping by today for Creative, Inc.’s blog tour. Here are the rest of dates:
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Sept 4: Kris Atomic
Sept 5: Grain Edit
Creative, Inc. Book Party
If you are in the San Francisco/Bay Area, don’t miss the Creative, Inc. Book Party at Candy Store Collective in the Mission next Thursday, Sept 9th. Details below!
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142 thoughts on “Book Review + Giveaway: Creative, Inc.

  1. Jenny says:

    I’ve been toying with the idea of starting a craft business so I’m always looking for new resources about making the leap into sales.

  2. says:

    I do need this book first because everyone will have it and I don’t want to be the only one who doesn’t have THE book. I’m living in France and it is just impossible to easily grab good books written in English.
    Moreover it is blue like my eyes (here is the point)
    Then I know it is beautifully made and there is a lot of love put inside so the question is : how does someone not need this book ?

  3. kate B says:

    I’ve been piddling with an etsy site and a few craft shows but am trying to figure out how to make it more fruitful–and if I can do it while still having a good ol’ job as well. I’d love some help figuring all this out.

  4. KatSkye says:

    I would love to win a copy of this book as I have been thinking about starting a home based craft business for about a year now.
    I just lost my husband, June 9, 2010 to ALS or Lou Gehrig disease, so needless to say I am sad but thankful that he is not hurting anymore.
    Art has always been my inspiration and he encouraged me to start the business of making medieval toys, and to keep busy so I do not miss him so much.
    I have 3 supervisors, my geriatric cat herd. Rockie, the male is now 21 years old, and Muffy and KC (Krazy Cat) the boss lady, are both 14 years old.
    I have been crafting since I was a child and for the past 13 years I have belonged to the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism). I sew my own outfits from Grecian gowns to pirates.
    I have been sewing stuffed animals since I was a teenager.
    To win this book would really help me move forward and do a job that I love and let my creative self shine.
    Thank you,

  5. wendylou says:

    I’ve been preparing to start my own business for a while, but I could really use this book to help me.

  6. fireygoddess says:

    hi there,
    i’m an Art Therapist, who is just starting her business, with small success but really no mind for business and lots of energy for suggestions! i’d really love this book!
    i’ve never won anything
    thanks for sharing

  7. Julie says:

    Oh I’d absolutely LOVE to win a copy of this book! I have Craft Inc and actually just finished posting on my blog about how valuable it has been to me.
    I’ve recently decided to bring my shop to the next level….I’d love to make it a successful business as it’s truly what I love to do! Sewing is my passion!
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  8. maconyork says:

    Hi I’ve been wanting to start a company using letterpressed stationary! Can’t wait to get a copy of this book, would love to win a free one! Best, Macon

  9. tenacious_o says:

    this book sounds like it would be supremely helpful. i’ve enjoyed what i’ve seen from craft inc so far and could really use a copy of the book. in the last few years i’ve been making a little money from art projects (paintings, photography, knitting, etc.) but have wanted to learn how to make a proper business of it.

  10. Kim says:

    Give it to me! I’m trying to set up a creative craft group for out of luck teens in the Glasgow area and this would be a good thing to have as a resource to help inspire others.
    All the best,

  11. cineloh says:

    Always need more information and guidance.. Etsy seller here would love to have the book.

  12. LauraElyse says:

    I’m graduating from school this April, and I’m currently looking into jobs, particularly starting my own freelance business. Anything I can do to get information/help me along, would be wonderful in these coming stressful months!
    Long time reader-first time poster! Thanks!

  13. MorosePoet says:

    i have so many question about freelancing and this book sounds just like what i need.I’m also a big fan of oh joy’s blog so i’m excited to her the kind of advice she gives!

  14. teejiepuff says:

    I am trying to start a freelance career, and could use all the help I can get!

  15. MorosePoet says:

    (hope i don’t double post. if so ignore this one)
    Would love to win this book. i have so many questions abut freelancing!

  16. Alli says:

    This book would be the first step in finally realizing my dream of owning an independent, crafty business…!

  17. Azurafae says:

    I have a very small craft business and I think this book would be a helpful guide to make my business more successful and better organized.

  18. Erytanthes says:

    Someday soon I want to start selling the things I make (rather than giving them alll away), and one day in the (hopefully near) future, I’d like to turn that passion into a business. I think this book’d be a great help in working towards that goal!

  19. Marissa says:

    We’ve recently formed a collective of local creatives + Etsians with the purpose of encouraging each other in our own craft business efforts. This would be an AWESOME addition to our little resource library. Plus, I personally own Meg’s Craft, Inc. and love it… so I have no doubt that Creative, Inc. will be just as invaluable!

  20. Lynette says:

    I have a idea that one way to sustain our small town is to encourage local talent to make the plunge into ‘doing what you love and make a living at it.’ Small business doesn’t outsource jobs. This would be a great addition to the small, but growing, section in our local library supporting those who chose to dream this dream. Thanks.

  21. Eco Warrior says:

    I would love to have this book.. I have talked about starting up a yarn or fabric business where people can come in, hang out and learn things from others but I took all art and nature classes throughout school and never took any business classes. Now, I would like to learn more about that end of things so that I can make it happen. Thanks!

  22. Ellen says:

    So I’ve got a basic idea, a website URL and even a blog…just have to figure out how to put them all together effectively for a business. This book is just the thing!

  23. Ellen says:

    So I’ve got a basic idea, a URL and even a blog…this book is just what I need to put it all together!

  24. Kathryn Small (Robots & Dinosaurs) says:

    What great timing! My friend, who is dealing with depression, has just decided to start his own small business selling crafty things. This would be the perfect way to help him get started :)

  25. Kathryn Small (Robots & Dinosaurs) says:

    What great timing! My friend, who is dealing with depression, has just decided to start his own small business selling crafty things. This would be the perfect way to help him get started :)

  26. Sara says:

    I would love to win this book, because I’ve gone through a long stretch of financial difficulties after grad school. I’ve loved making things with my hands ever since I was a little girl making costumes out of construction paper at the kitchen table. Crafting is not my primary career path, but I want it to be a permanent and significant part of my life. I don’t think there’s any reason I can’t do both.
    I’ve been thinking for months about how beautiful it would be if I could get a craft business off the ground, and save myself financially by doing something I love so much. I’ve picked a name for my craft business and I’m ready to do this. I just need the confidence that comes with know-how and direction to help me get started, and I think a book like this one might give me just the start I need.

  27. lokibean says:

    This book would help me with my small business so much! It looks like an excellent book and would really help me get started.

  28. travelpro says:

    Mom would love to gift this to her daughter… recent grad from art school who wants to freelance vs work for the man. but, we have student loans to pay so this book could come in handy!!

  29. says:

    I’m on the verge of taking a ‘sabbatical’ from paid employment and need to seriously evaluate what to do next. I’ve been unable to get a copy of Unfogging the Future from Flourish & Botts, this looks like a much better guide anyway!

  30. Chika says:

    I’m in the process of becoming self-employed (on a full-time basis) and would love to have this book as a reference.

  31. Courtney says:

    What a resource! I’ve got a lot of ideas swimming around in my head as to starting a business, except for the business-minded brain. This would be a great resource to get me on the right path to having my own business. What a cool idea!

  32. Carol Waller says:

    I’ve been playing with idea of leaving my soul-sucking job at some point in the future for a job that I could LOVE. Doing something I love, that bring other people some small happiness. Now I know I need to start small, don’t quit the day job and all, but I could use guidance and this sounds like it has just want I need. So Please, as forward as it sounds, pick me :-)

  33. mentalseamster says:

    I’ve been wanting to start a crafty business and this could be an invaluable resource.

  34. Miss Muffin says:

    Am working on opneing a small online store … so help in form of this book would be highly appreciated!

  35. happymithi says:

    Having just graduated from art school, I could so do with some much needed encouragement as I embark on my freelance career!

  36. breadofmany says:

    i have been waiting for this book for soo long!!

  37. says:

    I’ve been considering turning my part time online business to full time gradually and i could use all the advice I can find.

  38. says:

    I would love to win this book – any advice on selling my handmade goods would be welcomed :-)

  39. dr15 says:

    I’m an architecture student and I’ve been thinking about starting some kind of creative business, to make some money (I’m broke…) and gain some business knowledge so that one day when I open my own office I wont be totally clueless.
    It will really help a lot.

  40. loura says:

    WOW! I’ve been trying to get started sell my handmade goods. Would love to get this book.

  41. Makoarts says:

    I will be very pleased to win this book because i want so bad to build a bussiness on my onw that i need some help to start.
    wish i can get this ^^

  42. deirdreh says:

    I’ve been self-employed for the last year, and I’m finally starting to get a handle on what I need to do to move my financial affairs forward – and this book would be the perfect catalyst to continue in that vein (as well as to branch into other artforms!).
    Having said that, I am definitely not alone here. Still, I’ll say it for form’s sake: pick me! ;-)

  43. KayDee says:

    It would be exactly what I need since I’ve just stared creating stock for my soon-to-be-launched crafty business.

  44. VinChic Designs says:

    I have been struggling for over a year now trying to get my crafting business off the ground and to say that it is slow is a gross understatement to say the least. This book could be one of the keys needed to help my business finally take off. Thank you for the opportunity.

  45. Merisusa_G says:

    Me and my friend want to start a craft business in our city and here there aren’t many books available to help us figure out some of the stuff needed. This one would be so helpful!

  46. desphynx says:

    I would love to use this book as a reference as I deal with the various aspects of running my new craft business. It sounds awesome!

  47. Sara says:

    I just started setting up a small photography business. All I have so far are some sample prints and packaging, and an empty Etsy storefront. I could use some advice and guidance!

  48. Crystal says:

    I would love to win this book not only for myself, but for my friends who are interested in crafty business, as well as my non-profit art group.
    I would love the advice on how not to give away your talents for free. While we are a non-profit, we still need funds to run our web presence and to put forward our local art projects.

  49. Alpinebutterfly says:

    Working on starting up my craft business… and just like everyone else on this list (maybe we should like all call each other & get together & brain storm) … I could really use a resource like this. :-)

  50. benag says:

    Every Tuesday morning a group of freelancers meets at a local coffee house – we call it our Accountability Group. We work together to grow our business and support each other by sharing ideas and resources. This book would become required reading!

  51. says:

    I really think this guide would be incredibly helpful to a couple of friends I have who are trying to start doing their own freelancing creative business, and I’d love to help them.

  52. Cheyenne's Mom says:

    I have crafted as a hobby all my life, but never considered turning it into a livelihood. However, a recent chronic illness in the family demands that I be able to work from home. So I’m considering starting a craft-based home business, and would love this book for reference.

  53. carbrn says:

    I teach “Careers in the creative arts” class. Crafting is becoming more and more of a viable career option and I need to get more informed about how artists can make money in that area. I also would love to have the book so I can get it signed on Thursday evening. Thanks!

  54. creativebleed says:

    This sounds like the book I have been looking for! I have been looking for a book to help direct me and inspire me to find my own niche in already saturated design world. Art school doesn’t teach you much about the business aspect of art&design. Let alone how to be a successful freelancer. I could really use some pointers from Meg & Joy!

  55. CreativeMamma says:

    I’m trying to balance the whole creative and money aspect of the business so I’m sure that this will be a huge help to me!

  56. illusionary says:

    I have always wanted to make a living with my creative endeavors, and I’m currently in the process of have an ecommerce site built to begin selling my photography, and I’ve been pondering ways to integrate selling my crafts as well. The one thing that stops me from going full-tilt, giving up the day job and following my dream is plain-ole knowledge! This book sounds like it would be the perfect starting point for me to follow this dream of mine!

  57. Amy says:

    Taking my business to the next level has become a reality that I never thought would be possible. I can’t believe that I am in such cool position right now, this book would really help me make sure that I keep heading in the right direction!

  58. Sarah Hardy says:

    I have been sewing and crafting more items in the hopes of selling to supplement my income. Times are tough and I need to be more business-like to get my second (more fun) career underway.

  59. JeanC says:

    This book will help me take my creativeness to the next level.

  60. Doris says:

    I am currently reading Craft, Inc., and would love to have a copy of this as well! She knows her stuff…

  61. Beckysews says:

    I’ve been sewing for 40+ years. I have sold some of my creations at craft shows and from my etsy store. But I want to do more! This book would be such a help!
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  62. MLapson says:

    I would like to have this book for two reasons. 1: To use for developing my business as I revive it from the brink of death. 2: To share and pass along to my out-of-work baby sister to help her grow and strengthen her amazing business of signage and book art. Whee!

  63. Lucy Blue Studio says:

    I do have my own business already but I always feel like there is more I need to learn. I think this book would be a great resource.

  64. juliet331 says:

    I want this book so bad because I am in the planning phase of getting a freelance business going! It would be so helpful

  65. juliet331 says:

    I want this book because I am starting a freelance business and I think this would make it SO much easier!

  66. sandra says:

    I’d love to soak in all the tips and tricks of the trade this book has to offer so that I can finally figure out what I’m doing wrong with my blog/shop!

  67. Amylyn says:

    I would love to win a copy of this book since I graduated from college in Graphic Design and would love to freelance but I seem to be having trouble on how to go about it properly. I need all the help I can get!!

  68. stefanie says:

    I’ve had my own sewing/craft side business for a few years now, but haven’t been able to make the jump and quit my full-time (non-crafty) job. Clearly, I need someone’s (somebook’s?) help. Thanks Craft!

  69. Lindsey Robinson says:

    I am really excited to hear about this book. I’ve been needing to do more homework on revising my new business. I’ve read an article craft put out several years back about all the ins and outs of owning your own craft business and have searched this web page as well as so many others for as much helpful advice I could find. This book looks AMAZING and exactly what I’m looking for. Thank you for letting us know about it and of course I would love to be considered for your drawing! Thanks!

  70. mgaleas says:

    I really need this book!

  71. carolyn says:

    because it looks awesome and soo helpful!

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