Brewing with Zymurgy

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Brewing with Zymurgy

Photo from Ottawa Foodies
Alan writes in the comments:

I got into brewing during its mid-90s revival. Coincidentally or not, that’s also when the World Wide Web started coming online. Ever since, I’ve considered zymurgy discussion to be the web’s first killer app.

It’s not clear whether if he is referring to the magazine Zymurgy, or the term zymurgy, meaning fermentation. Either way, Homebrew as the killer app of the web. Interesting idea.

You might also check out Collin’s post on root beer from a few months ago. Phillip also wrote about how beer is made a few years ago.

Where do you go to find community around your projects? Where are the best information resources, hottest forums, best tips? If you don’t drink beer, what could you use the homebrew techniques for? Have you made your own soda, rootbeer, birchbeer, grape soda? What are your techniques and suppliers? Share your passions in the comments, and contribute your photos to the MAKE Flickr pool.

6 thoughts on “Brewing with Zymurgy

  1. gautch says:

    “Where do you go to find community around your projects?”
    I hit up our local small everything-you-can-get-under-one-roof store called Blackbird. They have a whole department dedicated to it! And a full time staffer with tons of knowledge!

    Also for a related shameless plug… We are starting the BDC..

    1. purpleloki says:

      Cool site. I just signed up and look forward to learning how to brew a “nice” ale.

  2. croatia says:

    Homemade beer ? What a great way getting a cheap drunk :D


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