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This week’s CRAFT Video Podcast comes courtesy of the fine folks at where Luanne Teoh and Richard Humphrey show us how to build a pair of roller skates as featured in our current issue of CRAFT: 07!

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If you’d like a pair of custom skates built for you, just send the shoes of your choice or choose the boots you’d like.

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From the pages of CRAFT Magazine, volume 07:
Rollbabyroll Craft07
“Roll Baby Roll!” by Luanne Teoh & Richard Humphrey, pgs 62-65. Subscribers can read the article in our Digital Edition.

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4 thoughts on “Build Your Own Roller Skates – CRAFT Video Podcast

  1. Nate MC says:

    There are some key elements that were left out of this video and they are VERY important.

    Plate sizes are NOT the same, you need proper placement of the wheels on your feet otherwise your balance will be off.

    The video shows pretty basic skate maintenance for many die hard skaters and roller derby folks and doesn’t give very clear instructions as to finding the right parts.

    In addition to the correct plate size you need a very firm soled shoe for this to work, and it will not be good for indoor or speed skating, they make good outdoor skates though. They will handle differently than any other purpose built skate boot. I have eaten flooring because of tennis shoe skates because of this fact.

    Some things to keep in mind if you are going to undertake this is finding the correct hardness of wheels for what your purpose is, softer for outdoor, harder for indoor and those vary greatly. Second, you might want an adjustable stop, the height of that will vary for many people and the optimal spot will give you better stopping.

    good luck, and see you on the track.
    Nate MC

  2. LennyNero says:

    Also, low top shoes for rollerskating…thats just asking for a broken ankle.

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