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My fingers are frozen as I type this. I should have this adorable sewn muff warming my hands right now. I’m going to defrost them and then set to work making this great project. It doesn’t require very much fabric, and looks like a good pattern that I could successfully tackle over the weekend.

10 thoughts on “BurdaStyle Sewn Muff

  1. corporate video production says:

    Thats really pretty. Could also warm it up before you use it.

  2. Becky says:

    Ya know, all little girls of the 60’s had these. Mine was white “fur” and literally fell apart from way too much use/love. I have often thought of making a grown up version! Thanks!

  3. Susan being Snippy says:

    a picket inside the muff for some change or bank card and id, and then combined with wrist warmers would make a wonderfully old fashioned winter gift…

  4. Wordbird says:

    I made myself a furry (fake!) muff for my winter wedding – it has a little pouch in the seam, for money, a comb and a lipstick. I know it’s blowing my own horn to say this, but it’s fabulous!

  5. dhawktx says:

    We add a sweater sleeve/cuff on the ends as an ‘airlock’. Makes things much cozier.
    If you put a few (removable) pouches of rice in it, you can microwave it and it will retain the heat for quite a while!

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