Caga Tió — Catalonian holiday log tradition

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Caga Tió — Catalonian holiday log tradition

The Caga Tió is a rustic holiday tradition in Spain. Parents find a small log and paint it into a character that children keep and feed as a pet. Successively larger painted logs are secretly substituted later to make the character grow. On Christmas, the children gather around and beat the log with sticks until it pretend-poops small prizes. (Caga Tió means “poop trunk” or “poop Uncle.”) Fun!

Introducing the Caga Tio

Photo credit: Daniel Julià Lundgren

4 thoughts on “Caga Tió — Catalonian holiday log tradition

  1. gekizai says:

    It’s like the weirdest mashup of Logâ„¢, Mr. Hanky and a piñata. There’s just too many other references to it on the web, so it’s gotta be for real. I guess it’s cool though, seeing as it’s ForTheChildren® and all. Here’s hoping everyone got some good Christmas poo!

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