Can’t Find the Perfect Leather Bag? Craft Your Own

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Can’t Find the Perfect Leather Bag? Craft Your Own

Finding the perfect leather bag that doesn’t cost you hundreds of dollars is pretty much impossible. For this reason, I set out on a mission to create a stylish laptop bag that I would actually enjoy using.

I combined two different materials, leather and wood. The oak sides of the bag act as a rigid frame to define its profile. I attached the leather to the wooden sides using carpet tacks, which eliminated the need for excessive hand stitching or sewing the bag together, and made it look really cool.

Important advice! — Use templates before you start working with leather. To avoid potential mistakes, design a paper template and make sure everything fits before cutting your leather.



Vegetable tanned leather
Linen waxed thread
Hardware: D-rings, buckles, snap hooks
Oak planks
Carpet tacks (nails)
Dubbin (as a leather sealant)

Leather stitching punch
Leather edge beveller
Upholstery needle
Wood planer
Battery powered drill
Leather stamp
Arbor press (for stamping)

4 thoughts on “Can’t Find the Perfect Leather Bag? Craft Your Own

  1. Jason Babler says:


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  3. Marek says:

    Can we find the paper plans for this somewhere?

  4. Trusty Techs says:

    That’s a very nice looking laptop bag! I’d love to sell these to my customers in my little computer repair service.

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