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Caprisunjacket Sue
Sue creates a Capri Sun Jacket using Vogue pattern 8490 and 140 Capri Sun juice bags as her fabric. Here’s a WIP post. (Thanks Laura!)
Sue writes:

This is my entry at my work “Off the Clock – Art on Your Own Time” and for the Glendale Quilt Show.
Last year while hanging out at the volunteer booth, I thought their wearable display needed something “green”.
I’m really happy that I followed my thought through to completion!

12 thoughts on “Capri Sun Jacket

  1. jane@britex says:

    I love what you created! And the irony of making something of Capri juice boxes from a Vogue pattern is delicious. Were there any sewing issues particular to the juice boxes?

  2. Laura says:

    Now I’ve never seen a classy jacket like that but I’ve definitely seen people create things out of capri sun pouches! You should really check out a competition near you because you’d be amazed by the creations! I’ve seen things from dresses created out of dryer sheets to mermaid fins created by weaving tiny strips of duct tape through soda tabs!
    But I do enjoy the jacket, I’m not sure I could convince myself, personally to wear it. But it’s pretty awesome!

  3. mother hubbard says:

    Love the modeling poses – she’s a natural LOL.
    Very creative too. She gets Mother’s stamp of approval.

  4. sue v says:

    the only sewing issue was the the “fabric” didn’t give, at all! setting the sleeve was difficult. Each piece was cut individually and matched to its neighbor so that my rows match going around. I basically made this one pattern piece at a time, 1/4″ at a time on my Pfaff 130 which I joke could sew a bumper on a car! the only pattern pieces omitted were the inseam pockets. but the jacket includes the back vent, princess seams and yoke pieces.

  5. Shawn Connally says:

    Such a great idea and workmanship, er, workwomanship? Anyway, it looks terrific!

  6. Anonymous says:

    SHAZAAM That is so awesome!! Good Job Lady!

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