Checkin’ In: Ridiculously Cute Lulu the Pom

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Checkin’ In: Ridiculously Cute Lulu the Pom

Back in CRAFT Volume 07, a certain little furry crafter stole our hearts when she appeared on the cover. Lulu is her name, and this week we decided to check in with her to see what she’s been up to lately. Here she is on the cover, with her mom, our own Natalie Zee Drieu:
Lulu was nice enough to carve out some time from her very busy schedule for an interview. Plus, she shared some ridiculously adorable pictures with us too. What’s not to love?

Lulu, thanks so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to sit down with us. Let’s start off by talking about your debut on the pages of CRAFT. You were one of our cover stars for CRAFT Volume 07. Tell us how you got involved in that.
My mama was asked to be in the photo shoot for the knitted converse sneakers and I knew this would be my chance to hit the big time. The only thing I love more than having my photo taken is treats. This was a chance for me to combine both my loves. I got my first taste of being in front of the camera when mama was on OpenRoad.TV.
lulu open road.jpg
I’ve heard lots of stories about that particular photo shoot, including something about napping on the job and a menacing pink flamingo. Can you elaborate?
Listen here, that pink flamingo was giving me the evil eye. I don’t trust animals with beaks. My cousin in Florida told me about these flamingos. I had to show her who’s boss and protect mama. I think she was waiting to attack!
And as for the napping, I don’t know what you are talking about. Um, er..the lights were too bright and I just had to close my eyes a bit. Plus that basket was way too comfy!
After Volume 07 hit the newsstand, how did the fame affect you?
I’m a down-to-earth kind of pom, you know. I try not to let things get to my head. Of course, when a new knitting book, Alt Fiber was having another photo shoot with mama, I jumped at the chance.
Mama also loves to craft so she always uses me as her model. I got to be on Lion Brand Yarn’s blog modeling a knit baby blanket she made. I always try to stand very still so mama gets the shot.

altfiber2_small.jpg lulu_babyblanket.jpg

What are your favorite crafts? Are you currently working on any projects?
If I had hands, I would love to make me some plush toys or crochet amigurumi. Then I could have more toys than Chloe.
I’ve heard you’re a big fan of Halloween and the craftiness that goes into it. Can you tell us more?
Whenever we go on our daily walks, people always tell mama I look like a bear or Ewok. So I asked mama what that was, and she introduced me to the movie Star Wars one afternoon. I have 2 best friends who are daschunds, Gello and Lucy, who wanted to dress up with me so I asked mama to make us costumes. We got lots of attention, which I love!
We also got featured on the blog. Oh and I won mama a gift certificate at the costume contest hosted by my favorite pet store hangout, South Paw. I also got some pumpkin treats, but mama wouldn’t let me eat them all.
lulu ewok.jpg
What new idea in crafting has excited you most recently?
Well, sometimes when mama isn’t looking, I see this Etsy site on her computer. Everyone’s crazy about dogs it seems, especially daschunds. Me, I’m craaaazzzy about daschunds too. I wish I could do some daschund crafts for Gello and Lucy’s upcoming birthdays or a huge daschund pillow for me to sleep on.
I’ve been hearing a lot about a new BFF you have. Tell us about her.
Well, about 8 months ago, my life changed in this house. I realize now why I couldn’t fit on mama’s lap last fall. Mama had little Chloe and she’s my new little BFF. She likes to laugh when I race around her room. Plus, she always drops her food on the floor so I get to eat more thanks to her.

lulu_chloe2.jpg lulu_chloe3mos.jpg

We will be featuring special pet-specific projects in the upcoming two weeks. Anything in particular you’d like to see featured?
Treats, treats, and more treats. Seriously, treats.
Any words of wisdom for crafters out there? Parting thoughts?
I’ll work for food!
Thanks, Lulu! As mentioned in the interview, make sure to check back with us on Craftzine starting next week as we feature a petacular selection of projects for your animal companions!
And you can still pick up a back issue of CRAFT Volume 07 over in the Maker Shed!

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