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Georgia Tech grad student Matt Gilbert has been making some awesome crochet from a pattern generator he made, finding inspiration in acoustics. He and I share a strong opinion that computing and iterative crafting (crochet, knitting, weaving, etc.) have much in common. He writes:

While the Jacquard Loom allowed for the beautiful and elaborate patterns to be woven again and again effortlessly, it automated the process of textile production, putting many people out of work and separating the producer from their product. Most of the weavers (or “spinsters”) who lost their jobs were women. Knitting was also automated in 1589 by William Lee, out of sheer jealousy that his wife was spending more time with her knitting than with him. Surprisingly, a similar historical event occurred in computation; the term “computer” was once a job title and those workers were also often women. Much of computation was seen as a kind of clerical work on par with typing and many of these jobs were lost once computation was automated.

On one level, this project is an experiment in appropriating technology for mass production for the purposes of small-scale production, while maintaining a connection between the producer and the produced good. This is what I call “augmented craft”, as distinct from automated production. The computer plays a role, but it does not displace the person.

I couldn’t agree more. And his sweaters are pretty eye-catching on their own, too! Via Extreme Craft.

6 thoughts on “Complex Computer Generated Crochet

  1. Pattianne says:

    Where Oh Where can I find or buy this software for my MAC computer….avid crocheter and just Love the looks of these patterns but find no link to how or where it is offered/sold. If not on the market PLEASE consider offering it.
    Congrats on the great job you did!

  2. bliss says:

    This sweater is totally cool.
    I have to share this post with my needlework group!
    Thanks for sharing. :o)

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