Constructing Cosplay Armor From Perler Beads With Cosplamy

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Constructing Cosplay Armor From Perler Beads With Cosplamy
Cosplamy models her Samus Aran cosplay made from Perler Beads. Photo courtesy of Cosplamy.

In a world positively teeming with materials that you can use to build any cosplay your heart desires (Worbla, foam, fabric, resin, and even kombucha, just to name a few!), one cosplayer stepped outside the norm to build her cosplays with a more unique choice of crafting product: Perler Beads! Perler Beads are those colorful, circular-shaped plastic things we got to use a kids to make fun projects like coasters and bracelets.  In fact, I’m pretty sure I still have my coaster I made as a kid laying around somewhere in storage!

Cosplamy as Wonder Woman at LA Comic Con. Photo courtesy of Cosplamy.

Perler Beads fuse together when a heat source is applied and can be molded into all sorts of shapes and sizes, and Amy Cosplay of Cosplamy shows us that you can really “reach for the stars” with just how far you can make Perler Beads go. Some of her elaborate builds so far have included Wonder Woman, Samus Aran, a Perler Armor set, and her newest build she’s currently working on, Buzz Lightyear!

In a post on her Instagram, she says she’s extremely excited to be finally be using her Electrical Engineering background by incorporating flashing lights and electronics to make the wings on Buzz Lightyear rotate in and out from Buzz’s backpack, along with a sound board and speakers that will play various catch phrases upon pressing a button. And obviously, she says, she’ll be incorporating the extremely dangerous death laser on Buzz’s arm. We can’t wait to see Buzz go to infinity and beyond later this year!

Perler Armor set made by Cosplamy. Photo courtesy of Cosplamy.
Cosplamy displaying her elaborate Perler Bead cosplays. Photo courtesy of Cosplamy.

Cosplamy takes donations to help with her current and future builds (to help her out you can click here), and also be sure to follow her on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!

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