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Nikon Camera Control Pro
For those of you with Nikon cameras (I have a D40), here’s a great tip from Brian Jepson over at Hackszine.

Brian says:

I thought putting my camera on a tripod and using the timed shot was a good trick for gadget close-ups, but this is tons more fun. Nikon’s Camera Control Pro ($79, 30 day trial available) lets you remotely control a compatible camera from your computer. I can’t figure out how to do a preview, but it’s still really helpful; it lets you do a lot more than just trigger the shutter. You have access to most of the configurable features of the camera.

Are there similar tools out there for other cameras? Let us know in the comments.

  • Nikon Camera Control Pro Trial Posted – Link.
  • Nikon Updates Camera Control Pro to v1.3.0 – Link.


Digital Photography Hacks – Link.

6 thoughts on “Control a Nikon Camera from Your Computer

  1. says:

    Canon has a similar software called “CameraWindow” for their cheap cameras (i.e. PowerShot A630-640 and A700 series, probably it works for the lower series too…), there is even a preview and works quite well under Mac OSX on both PPC and Intel Macs. It’s free and comes with the cameras.
    Carlo Fonda, Trieste (ITALY)

  2. krysalia says:

    79$ is really expensive for a software given with any canon camera… before buying my eos 400D i thought i could buy a nikon, i’m glad i had not :/ .

  3. DeanValenti says:

    gphoto is an application which does the same thing (if not more) and is open source and free. Might require some technical skill to set up though.

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