Convert Amazon’s DRM’ed eBooks to Mobi format (non-DRMed) ?

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Convert Amazon’s DRM’ed eBooks to Mobi format (non-DRMed) ?

Wow! Very interesting and newsworthy! Amazon’s Kindle DRM cracked @ The Register

An Israeli hacker says he has broken copyright protections built in to Amazon’s Kindle for PC, a feat that allows ebooks stored on the application to work with other devices. The hack began as an open challenge in this (translated) forum for participants to come up with a way to make ebooks published in Amazon’s proprietary format display on competing readers. Eight days later, a user going by the handle Labba had a working program that did just that. The hack is the latest to show the futility of digital rights management schemes, which more often than not inconvenience paying customers more than they prevent unauthorized copying.

Unswindle code is available here if you want to check it out…

2 thoughts on “Convert Amazon’s DRM’ed eBooks to Mobi format (non-DRMed) ?

  1. Jared Boehm says:

    The Amazon AZW file format was cracked a LONG time ago. Granted the tools to do it were a little cumbersome and this is one easy to use package, but this guy has not “cracked” anything. In fact, he’s calling “mobidedrm” written by someone else to do the actual gruntwork. Someone please let me know when some real news on the front happens… like cracking TOPAZ… which this script doesn’t do.

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