Becky’s Mermaid Hair Is A Delightfully Illuminated Wearable

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Becky’s Mermaid Hair Is A Delightfully Illuminated Wearable

Becky Stern is back with another interesting project that really goes outside the box. This LED wearable is meant to be worn in your hair and pulls inspiration from the mermaids that she saw as a child.

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It really is interesting how she managed to wrap and shape the wire in a way that this looks almost like seaweed. This project uses some RGB LEDs, but Becky stats you could even use some of the cheap “fairy lights” that are commonly available if you were on a budget.

Another thing that you may want is a friend to help. Here, Becky had the help of Hinano Leung. Becky has published a full step-by-step tutorial you can follow along as well.

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