The Fantastical Cardboard Cosplay of Praise Kelechi

Costumes, Cosplay, and Props
The Fantastical Cardboard Cosplay of Praise Kelechi


Praise Kelechi.

Where are you located?


Website | Facebook

What kinds of stuff do you make?

Cardboard arts, Props and Cosplay.

How did you get started making stuff?

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It all started when I was 11 years old, I always love to fiddle with things and try to figure out how they worked and see if I can replicate it. As a kid with SCD, socializing wasn’t one of my strengths and I’m always indoors. Which gave me enough time to tinker.

We had lots of cardboard boxes laying around and sometimes I’ll try to make a toy of helmet out of them. With enough practice and lots of help from online communities I keep getting better and better at it.

What is something that you’ve made that you’re really proud of?

The first Cardboard suit of armor I ever made was an Ironman suit which got recognized and reposted by a lot of people, even RDJ himself!. I’m so proud of it and never hesitates to show it off.

What is next on your project list?

I’d really love to build a full-sized Aliens Power Loader next.

what is something you’d like to work with but you haven’t yet?

I’d love to do a couple Arduino projects

Any advice for people reading this?

Follow your passion, you can only do your best work when you’re doing what you love.

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