Craft Spaces: Small Apartments

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When I moved into my current apartment three years ago, I somehow managed to go from 800 square feet to less than 600 like that. I lost a lot of my open crafting space, so I needed to get creative to how I stored my materials, equipment and finished projects. However in all this, I acquired more closets and a solution to my craft space dilemma.
If you’ve got a linen closet you don’t use or double closets in a bedroom like I do, you can have an organized craft space in just a matter of hours. All you need are some storage items, maybe some shelves and good cleaning music.

I found that the bathroom shelves offered at Ikea were just the right size for my closet. Not too tall, not too deep, but had covers for each shelf. (As my mom always said, even when it’s messy, a door makes anything look clean.)
To organize small craft pieces like buttons, rick-rack and threads, I used a collection of old tins from cookie exchanges and plastic boxes. Ask family members or friends- you’ll be surprised at how many are waiting for you. Or check your local thrift store to stock up on some kitschy tins.
If you’re in a bedroom closet, think about hanging things. I make wreaths fairly often, so I put a few on a hanger and hang them up. They’re not too heavy, so this works perfectly. This would also world well for pressed fabric waiting for a project.
I also make sure that important pieces of equipment, like my sewing machine, are up off the ground. The last thing you need is something falling on it.
Think about the items you use the most and keep those within easy reach. I save old magazines in organizers on the top shelf, as well as holiday themed papers, my old camera, etc. I applique towels for my crafty business, so I keep pressed towels in one of cabinets ready to go.
When you’re setting up your space, or cleaning an especially messy space, spread out and allow yourself to organize. It’s much easier to visualize what you need to organize when it’s all out in front of you.
How do you make the most of a small crafting space?

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