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If you love knitting and you’re a geek too, don’t miss Emma Hogbin who will be speaking at LugRadio Live in San Francisco on April 12 at 4pm. It’s a very fun look at how to make technology friendly and how we can really get more women using technology. The software of the Internet is made by some pretty cool people out there and one of them, Emma Hogbin, wants you to get more involved in making the Internet a cooler place for crafters. Pictured above is Emma knitting her drupal socks.
Emma writes:

The world of free/open source software creation is incredibly male-dominated. Only 1.5% of open source software developers are women. Any yet many of the craft blogs are powered by open source software. I have one foot in the tech world and one foot in the craft world. Both worlds are able to see an alternate future and create it through variations on the theme of DIY–it’s what attracts me to them.

Find out more about what Emma’s talk will be at her blog,

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  1. PattiS says:

    Emma will be awesome, she’s brilliant!

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